Sydney University HC approached the final game as a chance to avenge their first round loss to Mudhar. They were out on the court to fight for a result as well as entertain the crowd as Eric Charpentier did the night before ( was a short turn around from the previous nights game, but the team was willing and ready to give it their all once more.

The team chemistry had grown through out the week and now was a chance to give everything in their final chance to claim a victory at the 2012 IHF Supr Globe. This was their strongest start yet with the scoreline starting 2-2. However from there on it was tough going. Technical errors again began to creep into the game and pushed out to a halftime lead of 17-11. 



A strong second half fight had been the characteristic of Sydney Uni HC in the past week and at time there were glimpses of this. Unfortunately for the team, it was either the occasion or fatigue from a long week the scoreline started to blow out. The end score was 34 -21. 

It was a disappointing loss for Sydney Uni HC, but when the team has a chance to reflect on the week, I think they will look back with fondness. The team achieved a great deal over the last week and has bonded as a tight unit. They managed to step up to the speed and pressure of international club fixtures showing that they deserved their spot at the Super Globe. 

Now the long journey back to Sydney begins as well as the build up to defend the Oceania Club title to earn a place at the 2013 Super Globe. Thanks to everyone who has supported the team over the past week. Comments of support have meant a great deal to the players and management of the team.