Sydney University faced the division heavy weights HSV Hamburg in their second group match. It was a game that they were unlikely to win, but that wouldn’t deter the site from causing as much disruption as possible.

Hamburg, having had a draw in their first match, were looking to grab their first win of the IHF Super Globe. They also looked to boost their goal difference to avoid the crossover match with FC Barcelona. These factors would make it a difficult match harder, but Sydney Uni HC are always up for a challenge.

Early going was tough, with HSV Hamburg physically dominating the contest. They took an early lead and led by 20-4 at the half time break. Despite the lop sided scoreline, Sydney controlled the tempo well, frustrating the big German club.

Coach Philip Enders made some tactical adjustments at the half which had an immediate impact. Thomas Gerstch began with a brace of saves, boosting the teams confidence enormously. And after 7 minutes, Sydney had outscored Hamburg 4-3 and were well on the front foot.

The rest of the half was highly entertaining, between a flurry of goals from Diego Llorente and a blow up by Hamburg keeper Johannes Bitter there was interest up until the final whistle. The second half score was 15-11 to HSV Hamburg, showing the Sydney side is beginning to find some rhythm in this years tournament.

Tomorrow Sydney Uni HC talks on Qatari wild card, El Jaish, who drew with Hamburg in their first match. This figures to be a competitive match given Sydney’s improvement in tonight’s match.

Tomorrow’s game throws off at 8pm (GMT+3) with live streaming via Al Kass and updates throughout the day and game at our Facebook page.


Sydney Uni played with: Pfeiffer (3 saves), Gerstch (2); Ivankovic (1 goal), Hert (2), Pasquero (3), Lemann, Seemann, Lennstrom (1), Charpentier, Postbiegel (2), Lasek, Scholl (1), Szklarski, Llorente (5), Traverso.